The Healthy Home

The significant majority of us have found ourselves locked away in social isolation, and we are finding out how we really feel about our home and it’s quirks.

However, much like the reason for us spending this great deal of time in our home offices, there are unseen forces affecting our daily lives – either positively or negatively. One could effectively say that the large majority of people spend the most amount of time away from home or asleep in one of their rooms, however it is important to remember that while we are spending time in those rooms, our health is of utmost importance.

Healthy homes promote good physical and mental health. Good health depends on having homes that are safe and free from physical hazards. In contrast, poor quality and inadequate housing contributes to health problems such as chronic diseases and injuries, and can have harmful effects on childhood development.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Now this is not to say that your home is going to necessarily cause you longtime harm and destruction – so please don’t panic – however it is important to consider what the RWJF stated in their release on Healthy Homes in 2011. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure that your time in isolation can be having the best possible impact on your life?

According to the Australian Government, we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors – with that number increasing closer to the 100% mark during the COVID – 19 Pandemic. Being indoors and surrounded by technology can create unnecessary strain on our eyes and result in headaches, poor sleep cycles and general irritability amongst those we are surrounded by.

How can you make your home healthier – now?
For those who are looking at building a new residence, you can Contact Us and have an obligation free discussion about building a healthier home. For those who aren’t ready to build, keep reading!

When improving your space, many will go to indoor plants. These are an excellent way to not only improve the freshness of the home, but also improve visual aesthetic. However, it is important to consider allergies such as hay-fever before committing to caring after such an addition.

When working with our Green Design team, one of the primary focuses is on air flow and overall air quality. Air flow & breezeways are utilised in our homes to warm/cool our homes, however they also play an important role in natural ventilation.

The Torere Plan – 8.2 Star Rated Home

Take the above diagram – The Torere Design – where we have highlighted the direction of the breeze throughout the home. Like it’s residents, the air enters through the doorway and distributes itself throughout the home, with every room having an exit point for the air – ensuring the regular turning over of fresh air.

So, take a moment to look up from your screen and look for the nearest window. If you’re feeling a little stuffy in your home – open it and take in the fresh air. Fresh air is the No. 1 tool to utilise while in isolation. Take a 5 minute break and stand in your backyard, taking in nature and it’s benefits.

If you would like any area specific recommendations to make your home healthier, make sure to email us: [email protected] or visit our Home Design Range for your new home inspiration.