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NEW Australian Bay Design Range

Named after iconic Australian Bays and Ports; architecturally inspired with a focus on earthy colour palettes, incorporating natural materials make this range perfect for any location! Enquire today to discover more about the iconic Australian Bay Range.

Why Build With Us?

We build green homes that don't cost too much extra, and are overall better homes.

For healthier, more energy-efficient homes, go with the sustainable construction solutions at Green Homes.

Importance of a Green Home

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Building Sustainable Homes in Perth

As temperatures continue to rise while energy prices soar, sustainable homes in Perth are becoming more important than ever.

Eco home builders in Perth use clever house plans, designed to make the most use of natural sunlight and environment, as well as insulation to keep temperatures even inside, for all seasons of the year.

Homeowners want to live in homes that are intelligently designed, architecturally styled and comfortable to live in, without having to pay for the rising costs of heating and cooling - while at the same time reducing the household carbon footprint.

It's not just better for the planet - sustainable building represents the premium of home living that Australians want.

Investing with an Eco Home Builder in Perth

The best part about your eco home builder in Perth? They don't have to cost more than a "traditional" approach to residential construction.

As sustainable building becomes more and more mainstream, the materials and technologies involved are becoming more affordable, too.

For homeowners on a budget, the cost savings of sustainable homes extend into the lifetime of the house. With a better home design, there is reduced spending on heating and cooling bills. With more durable building materials, the house will last longer due to a reduced need for maintenance spending.

To top it all off, the property market recognises the wide-ranging benefits of sustainable housing - and gives it the corresponding investment premium.

Perth Franchise Opportunities

If you are an entrepreneur with your own residential construction business, we want to support you to build the best houses on the market.

Learn more about our green homes franchise opportunities, and how to become an eco home builder in Perth.

Our Locations

As Australia’s top sustainable home builders, we are the go-to home builders in Australia - constructing the nation's best sustainable homes - all across the country.

Dive deeper into what we offer in each of these capital cities.

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