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3 bedrooms starting from 400K

Welcome to the future of home-building in Australia

Whatever the needs of your household, and whatever design you’re dreaming of, Green Homes’ Sydney Metro builders have the solution for you.

Our properties are intelligently designed and thoughtfully built, creating the dream lifestyle for our countless Australian clients, from simple and classic to more extravagant, we’re the ideal luxury home builders Sydney can rely on.

As some of the highest energy-rated homes in Australia, you’ll benefit from a bright and beautiful home created for modern living. Our new home builders in Sydney can do it all.

Explore our industry-leading eco homes, and to find out more, reach out to the Green Home team today – the best builders Sydney has to offer.

Green Homes Australia: Pioneers in Sustainable Building in Sydney's South West

Nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of Sydney’s South West, Green Homes Australia emerges as the leading home builders in South West Sydney. Our commitment to combining luxury with sustainability has established us as the go-to builders in Sydney.

Sydney's Premier Home Building Experts

From the bustling streets of the Inner West to the serene expanses of the South West, our reputation as top-tier builders in Sydney South and Sydney Inner West builders remains unparalleled. As trusted home builders in Sydney, we craft homes that resonate with your dreams, ensuring every corner reflects your personality.

Why Choose Green Homes Australia?

  • Custom Creations: Our custom home builders Sydney team channels your vision into tangible designs, ensuring a home that's unique to you.
  • Exceptional Luxury: As the foremost luxury home builders in Sydney, we believe that opulence can coexist with eco-friendliness.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re looking for new home builders in Sydney or seeking renovations, our expertise spans across diverse housing projects.

Environmental Design Meets Outstanding Building Skills


Choose from our pre-designed Australian home plans or customise your own. We’ll work with you to create a home to match your lifestyle.


Our skilled team uses materials from leading suppliers. The result? A beautifully finished family home, built to last a lifetime.


Our eco-friendly builds offer the quality and technology you need to keep your energy bills low and cut your costs year after year. 


Warm in winter, cool in summer, and naturally bright and spacious all year round. Discover a home you’ll love to live in.

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Building with a Green Heart

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us. As renowned home builders in South West Sydney, we embed green solutions at the core of our building practices. From energy-efficient designs to environmentally-friendly materials, our homes are where luxury meets responsibility.

Areas We Serve

  • South West: Our legacy as leading home builders in South West Sydney is rooted in our commitment to sustainability and quality.
  • Inner West: As dedicated inner west builders in Sydney, we enhance the classic charm of this region with our modern, eco-friendly homes.
  • Sydney Metro: Proudly serving as top Sydney metro builders, we transform cityscapes with our green building innovations.

The Green Homes Difference

Green Homes Australia isn't just a name; it's a promise to every resident of Sydney. As your trusted builders in Sydney South and beyond, we take pride in being more than just builders. We are artisans, innovators, and, most importantly, stewards of the environment.

Enduring Commitment to Sustainability

Our homes are not merely structures; they are living, breathing entities that exude eco-consciousness. With each project, we aim to set new benchmarks in sustainability. As leading Sydney home builders, we incorporate the latest in green technologies, ensuring that every home not only meets but exceeds the expected energy efficiency standards.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Understanding the diverse needs of Sydney's residents, from those in the bustling heart of the city to the tranquil suburbs, we offer tailor-made solutions. As home builders in South West Sydney, we understand that a home is a personal space. Whether you're seeking the opulence of luxury home builders in Sydney or the unique touches of custom home builders in Sydney, we cater to every aspiration.

Transparent Processes, Tangible Results

Transparency is at the core of our operations. Our clients are always in the loop, from initial consultations to the final handover. As premier builders in Sydney South West and the broader region, our reputation is built on trust, quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

A Legacy of Excellence

Our journey as home builders in Sydney has been marked by numerous accolades, but what truly defines us are the smiles of countless homeowners. With each brick laid and every home completed, we're not just constructing buildings; we're forging lasting relationships and making sustainable living a reality for Sydney's residents.

Join us at Green Homes Australia, where every home tells a story of luxury, comfort, and a deep-rooted commitment to the planet. Let's redefine living, one green home at a time.

Hear From Some of Our Happy Buyers

Hear From Some of Our Happy Buyers

Building the Future, Today

In an ever-evolving cityscape, Green Homes Australia stands tall as the benchmark for sustainable building. Whether you’re seeking a builder in Sydney, a renovation expert, or project home builders in Sydney, our team is ready to craft your dream home. Join us on a journey where your vision meets our expertise, resulting in a home that’s both green and grand.

When you choose to build with Green Homes, our industry-leading innovation delivers a host and tangible benefits for your family and your finances.

Because no items are left out of our quotes, when you talk to our home consultants, you’ll immediately see how affordable Green Homes can be. We’ll stick by you throughout the entire process of the building journey. You won’t find a better new home builder Sydney wide.

So don’t wait to plan a dream lifestyle for you and your family. Go with the best in the building industry. Reach out to the Green Homes designers and builders in the Sydney area today.

Build Your Dream Home in Any of Sydney’s Local Suburbs & Beyond

Green Homes’ builders can produce quality custom-built homes on land packages throughout the entire area as we have custom home builders in Sydney ready to build your dream space. Want quality homes elsewhere in NSW? We have a residential and commercial builder in Sydney that can help there too. Just some of our service locations include: