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3 bedrooms starting from 400K

Welcome to the future of home-building Australia

Green Homes Australia are the Shoalhaven builders committed to constructing homes that seamlessly blend luxury with sustainability, resonating with the environmentally conscious homeowner. We aim to craft residences that radiate elegance and promote eco-friendly living, in line with the rising trend of sustainable lifestyles.

As home builders in Shoalhaven, we’re renowned for our inventive designs and eco-conscious construction methods, ensuring every home is a celebration of both beauty and environmental care. We’re passionate about creating homes in Shoalhaven that serve as havens of comfort and sustainability, pioneering new benchmarks in contemporary living.

Our dedication extends beyond mere construction, we aim to strike a perfect balance between natural elegance and luxury for homeowners who desire the best of both worlds.

Selecting Green Homes Australia in Shoalhaven

  • Superior Construction: Our skilled team of Shoalhaven builders crafts durable homes using materials that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.
  • Tailored Designs: We offer a diverse selection of custom home builds in Shoalhaven, ensuring a unique combination of customisation and practicality to suit various lifestyles.
  • Eco-Friendly Building Practices: As experienced builders in Shoalhaven, our focus lies on energy-saving designs, water conservation, and the use of sustainable materials.
  • Local Expertise: Our deep knowledge of Shoalhaven’s unique climate and lifestyle sets us apart, allowing us to build homes that are ideally suited to the local community.

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With a 9.2-star energy rating, this new build is one of the most efficient and effective on the market. Designed for energy efficiency and insulation from the ground up, this is the home build of the future.

Capture the warmth of the winter sun and store it deep within the property – and in summer, reflect heat outwards, with bulk insulation resisting the flow of heat into the home.
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Selecting Green Homes Australia in Shoalhaven

Our extensive range of Shoalhaven builders‘ house plans caters to every taste and budget, each reflecting our commitment to green building. At Green Homes, we’re partners in your sustainable living journey.

Our relationship goes beyond just the construction of your new home build in Shoalhaven, we offer guidance on eco-friendly living practices and post-build support.

Our Services

  • Custom New Home Construction: As leading Shoalhaven custom home builders, we specialise in creating custom designs that meet your specific desires and needs.
  • Renovations: From small updates to major renovations, our Shoalhaven builders ensure your home upgrade meets modern sustainability standards.
  • Commercial Construction: We also focus on building energy-efficient commercial properties in Shoalhaven that are both practical and eco-friendly.

Distinctive Features of Our Homes:

  • Solar Integration: Benefit from reduced energy expenses and a smaller carbon footprint with our solar energy solutions.
  • Water Conservation Systems: Our effective plumbing designs significantly save water, a standout feature among Shoalhaven builders.
  • Eco-Friendly Material Selection: We choose sustainable materials for everything from insulation to finishes, ensuring environmental responsibility without compromising quality.

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Community-Focused Approach

As part of the Shoalhaven community, we uniquely understand local preferences and needs, which guides us in designing homes that echo the community's ethos and lifestyle.

Our Shoalhaven builders blend sustainability and luxury seamlessly, showcasing our ability to weave eco-friendly practices with high-end design. Whether it's renovating, building a new home, or embarking on a commercial project, our Shoalhaven team manages every aspect for a smooth experience.

Green Homes Australia are builders in Shoalhaven who are committed to sustainability and excellence, making us the top choice for homeowners who prioritise the environment. Opt for us to build a home that's not only a living space but also a testament to a sustainable future.

The Pledge of Green Homes Australia

Green Homes Australia represents a fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and deep environmental commitment. As builders in Shoalhaven, we're creating a future marked by sustainable living, innovative design, and community well-being.

Climate-Compatible Home Builders in Shoalhaven

Utilising our comprehensive understanding of Shoalhaven's varied climate, we construct homes designed for comfort throughout the year, maximising natural light and reducing the need for artificial illumination.

Trust and Transparency

We value trust and transparency in our building process. Choosing us as your Shoalhaven builders means you're an integral part of the journey, with your home reflecting both your vision and our shared commitment to quality.