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Australia’s leading Green Homes provider

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Save thousands on Energy & Utilities

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3 bedrooms starting from 400K

Welcome to the future of home-building Australia

Green Homes Australia, is one of the leading builders in Port Macquarie, dedicated to crafting sustainable and luxurious homes that resonate with today’s environmentally-conscious homeowners. 

Our aim is to build your dream home, guided by our sustainable values. We build sustainable & energy-efficient homes for our clients and communities that are environmentally, socially and financially responsible.

Why Choose Us as Your Home Builders in Port Macquarie?

  • Quality Construction: Our team of Port Macquarie builders creates homes that are sure to stand the test of time, using materials that are both reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • Local Experience: Our understanding of Post Macquarie’s climate and lifestyle needs sets us apart from other house builders in Port Macquarie, allowing us to build homes that truly fit our community.
  • Customised Plans: With an extensive range of custom home builds in Port Macquarie, we offer a unique blend of customisation and tailoring to match your lifestyle & personal tastes.
  • Sustainable Practices: As experienced home builders in Port Macquarie we prioritise energy-efficient designs, water-saving solutions, and sustainable materials.

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The Green Homes Difference

When you think of exceptional quality combined with ecological responsibility, think of Green Homes Australia. As dedicated home builders in Port Macquarie, we’re building a legacy that stands for sustainability, innovation, and community wellness.

We understand the communities we build in, and Port Macquarie is no exception. We use this understanding to create homes that stay cool during the hot summers and remain warm during cooler months. We harness natural light, ensuring our designs make the most of Port Macquarie’s sunny days, decreasing the need for artificial lighting all year round..

Our Services

  • New Home Construction: As top-notch new home builders in Port Macquarie, we tailor our designs to meet your specific needs and dreams.

  • Renovations: Whether it's a small upgrade or a full-scale makeover, our team of Port Macquarie builders ensures your home is aligned with modern sustainability standards.

Start designing your dream home today.

Hear From Some of Our Happy Buyers

End-to-End Solutions

Whether you're seeking to renovate an old property, construct a new residential haven, or embark on a commercial project, our team of home builders in Port Macquarie is equipped to handle it all. We manage every detail, ensuring you have a hassle-free building experience.

Green Homes Australia wants to set the benchmark as home builders in Port Macquarie. Our dedication to sustainability, combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, has made us the go-to choice for discerning homeowners. 

Choose us and invest in a home that's not just a residence but a statement of your commitment to the environment.

Community-Centric Approach

As part of the Port Macquarie community, we understand the local nuances, needs, and aspirations. We're not just home builders in Port Macquarie, we're your neighbours. This gives us an unparalleled edge in designing homes that resonate with the local community's ethos and lifestyle.

Sustainable Luxury

Often, sustainability and luxury are seen as opposing forces. But with Green Homes Australia, these two go hand in hand. Our Port Macquarie home builders exemplify our ability to mesh luxury with green practices. Every detail marries the chic with responsibility, from sourcing sustainable woods for elegant flooring to installing high-end water-saving fixtures.