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NEW Australian Bay Design Range

Named after iconic Australian Bays and Ports; architecturally inspired with a focus on earthy colour palettes, incorporating natural materials make this range perfect for any location! Enquire today to discover more about the iconic Australian Bay Range.

Why Build With Us?

We build green homes that don't cost too much extra, and are overall better homes.

For healthier, more energy-efficient homes, go with the sustainable construction solutions at Green Homes.

Importance of a Green Home

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Better for You, Better for Our World

As a top brand for sustainable home builders in Melbourne, Green Homes has been leading the charge for sustainable residential construction across Australia.

Sustainable homes are affordable for all families, and will continue to offer benefits across the lifetime of the house.

Sustainable home designs represent the best of what it means to live in a home you love: Stunning architectural styles, insulation to keep internal temperatures stable while locking noise pollution out, and a house plan that orientates to flood the home with sunlight at just the right times of the day and year.

Build Your Sustainable Melbourne Home with Us

Eco home builders in Melbourne design homes that are a joy to live in, for healthier and happier households. With a higher standard of building materials and construction quality, Green Homes offers durable housing that will service families for years to come, without maintenance costs piling up.

Why live in homes that freeze and swelter with the seasons, when you could opt for a comfortable home bathed in natural light? Sustainable homes are the future of the housing industry, and as your trusted eco home builder in Melbourne, we invite you to be part of the change.

Melbourne Franchise Opportunities

Want to become an eco home builder in Melbourne?

The best sustainable home builders in Melbourne have training and support from the Green Homes brand. Learn more about our green homes franchise opportunities, and how you can become an eco home builder in Melbourne.

Our Locations

As Australia’s top sustainable home builders, we are the go-to home builders in Australia - constructing the nation's best sustainable homes - all across the country.

Dive deeper into what we offer in each of these capital cities.

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