A HOUSE WITH NO BILLS – Energy-free Home Set for Sydney

We are thrilled to announce that our innovative Green Homes project in Perth has garnered significant recognition, with a prominent feature in The Daily Telegraph. This eco-friendly dwelling has not only captivated the attention of local audiences but has also earned the prestigious title of the first non American recipient of the National Association of Home Builders’ Global Home of the Year award, unveiled at a grand ceremony in Las Vegas.

This remarkable display home in Perth stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Green Homes and the Western Australian Government. Together, they have created a living space that redefines the standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

House & land Package - santuary

Key Features of Green Homes Australia’s Award-Winning Energy-Free Home:

  • Energy Efficiency Beyond Compare: Described by the CEO of Green Homes, Mr. Fabar, as the most energy-efficient freestanding house in the nation, this home stands as a beacon of innovation. The design prioritizes smart and free power saving solutions, including strategic orientation, optimal window placement, and a thoughtful selection of external colours.
  • Smart and Free Power Savings: Green Homes Australia has successfully integrated intelligent and cost-effective energy-saving measures into the very fabric of this dwelling. The strategic choices made in its design, such as orientation and window placement, contribute significantly to minimizing energy consumption without compromising on comfort.

Green Homes Australia has been at the forefront of designing energy-efficient homes since 2006, consistently achieving a remarkable 6 to 7-star energy rating for their projects. Their commitment to reimagining homes as not only energy-efficient but also sustainable and conducive to a healthy living environment is truly commendable.

Building on their success in Australia, Green Homes has extended its reach to New Zealand and the United States. This expansion reflects their dedication to global sustainability, showcasing their commitment to creating environmentally conscious homes that transcend geographical boundaries.

In conclusion, Green Homes Australia’s Energy-Free Home in Perth is a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of sustainable architecture. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact this innovative approach to housing will have on future construction practices, inspiring a new era of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious living.

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