Bushfire Proof? Is it possible?

Bushfire Proof. Is it Possible to Build Such a Home?

Australia has just re-surfaced from one of the most destructive and heart-wrenching bushfire seasons, with nearly 3,000 homes burnt and killed a devastating 34 people. Thankfully, due to the recent rains that is now causing flooding across parts of the country, all fires have been reported as extinguised, however the time of recovery and rebuilding has begun – and a massive question surrounds that.

“How do we prepare for next time?”

This question has been asked of politicians, scientists, community leaders and unsurprisingly, builders. In a recent panel interview on The Project, Grand Designs host and ‘sustainability advocate’ Kevin McCloud was asked, “… is it possible to design a house that is bushfire proof?”

McCloud described that although building materials may need to evolve over the next 20 years to become completely bushfire proof, there are some basic principles that can be utilised to maximise resilience against a potential fire situation.

“I think, it isn’t just about the house is it? It’s about the landscape, it’s about the setting, it’s about the community, it’s about people working together, resilience and that type of thing”Kevin McCloud on The Project

Utilising the land around the home is such a pivotal part of the Green Homes Building Process, and along with the option of a Home Energy Report (H.E.R), our Design team works with 3rd parties to ensure your home works in with your block of land.

But will it be bushfire proof? The BAL – 40 standards ensures that your home is equipped – to the best of it’s ability – to withstand the raging bushfires. This includes steps such as non-combustible sarking, BAL-40 approved windows and fire-resistant framing.

If you’d like to learn more about how BAL-40 works in the rebuild of your home, or new home construction, please Contact Us for a commitment free discussion.