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A smarter, smoother experience for a better home loan

A smarter, smoother experience for a better home loan

Thinking of building your Dream Home? Green Home Loans helps take away the stress and time spent finding a home loan. Leave the process to us and we will help you find the loan that suits you best.

Expert Advice. Let us help you.

Expert Advice. Let us help you.

We have a team of financial experts on hand ready to help you find the most suitable loan. We have decades of experience and can advise you on what will best suit your needs.

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For a greener future

For a greener future

For every home loan settled, we will plant a tree to create a healthy and green future for all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  GHA Home Loans is provided by Central West Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd (ABN 94 110 225 306) which trades as Vision Finance and Property.  Our Australian Credit License number is 390921.

Vision Finance and Property was established in Sydney in 2000 and has provided loans and financial assistance to thousands of clients.  Vision Finance and Property has operated in regional Australia since 2003 based in Orange.

Vision works with more than 20 banks and lenders including NAB, Commonwealth, ANZ, Bendigo, Adelaide, Suncorp, St George as well as credit unions and other lending services.

Vision teams have been Industry recognised as top performers and have either won or been finalists for the following Industry awards –

  • MFAA “Wholesale and Retail Aggregator/ Originator of the Year”
  • Telstra Business Awards “MYOB Business Award”
  • MFAA “Mortgage Broker of the Year”
  • 2 x Australian Mortgage Awards “Best Industry Service”
  • Australian Mortgage Awards “Best Customer Service”

No, you don’t, but we would strongly recommend that you do!

Nothing.  To understand more about the fee arrangements between GHA Loans and lenders, please read our Credit Guide.

Once you have found your block of land and have an itemised tender from the builder and your building plans, GHA Loans orders what is called an ‘as if complete’ valuation from a property valuation firm. The Valuer inspects the land, looks at what you paid for the land, the plans and tender price and comparable sales in the area, and will then provide a valuation. The lender will then lend against this valuation even though the house is not yet built.

This will depend on the State you’re in, but we help you get the forms signed. In most cases the grant is paid when the slab is laid. It is paid directly to the bank and forms part of your deposit.

No, you only pay interest only on the construction part of your loan as it is drawn down. That means that you only pay interest on that part of the loan that has been paid out. For example, if the progress payment for the slab stage is $50,000 then you only pay interest on that amount.

This depends on timing. If you buy your land before you engage a builder then yes, you will usually end up with two loans during the construction process. However, once construction is finished we will discuss with you how you would like to manage your loans going forward. Some people may elect to keep the two loans at this point and fix one of them. Others like to have one loan. We can assist the loan structuring at this stage and for the life of your loan.

You can’t fix your rate during the construction process, though if you like, you can fix the land loan component. Once construction is finished you can fix all or part of the loan then.

Normally once the deposit is paid there are 5 stages:

  • Slab
  • Frame
  • Lock-up
  • Fixing
  • Final

However, sometimes, depending on the complexity of the build, or the price of the contract, there may be more than this. The stages will be itemised in the building contract and the lender will ask a Valuer to comment specifically on them if they are not to industry standard.

Once the builder has completed a stage specified in the Contract they will issue you with an invoice. If you are happy with the invoice then you sign it (and a form depending on the bank) and send it to us and we will arrange payment directly to the builder. This normally takes 1 -2 days. It’s important that you sign and send the invoice to us as soon as you receive it otherwise it can hold things up. If you’re not happy with the work that has been done at that stage, then make sure the builder rectifies this before you sign off the invoice.

During the construction process you only pay interest monthly. Once the construction is complete you can change this to weekly or fortnightly. We always recommend you pay weekly or fortnightly as you pay the loan off quicker this way.

Normally it takes about 2 weeks to get the initial loan approval. As we are able to order the valuations up front this makes the process a lot quicker. Once the DA plans are approved and the lender has signed off your loan documents, then it normally takes the lender another week or two to sign off that they are ready to start paying the builder.

Yes. We also offer assistance in obtaining personal and car loans.  Please contact us for a confidential discussion.

We make the lending process as ‘green’ as it can. We work from a solar passive office with solar panels. Where possible documents are sent electronically. We keep fully electronic files. The banks have improved their processes in the last couple of years but are not yet fully paperless. We still need to print out the mortgage and loan documents and send them to the bank. The banks and Land Titles offices in various states are trialling an electronic settlement process which should improve the process even further but that isn’t fully operational yet.

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GHA Home Loans is provided by Central West Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd (ABN 94 110 225 306) trading as Vision Finance Central West - Australian Credit License #390921. © Central West Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd (ABN 94 110 225 306). All rights reserved

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