David Marwick

Armed with some photographs of federation facades and a very rough floor sketch, Green Homes Australia were able to incorporate our desired federation architecture into a functional floor plan and elevation.

A short time later we located a block of land that was sloping front to back and had majestic views across the town. Before taking any further action, Mick Fabar made himself available to us for several on-site meetings at the prospective block, to discuss how we could incorporate and preserve the views, position the house on the block and discuss construction methods to deal with the grade of the slope and ensure the home would be efficient.

Having seamlessly executed the design of our home, within our budget, we finalised the purchase of the land, helpfully informed by Mick Fabar.

By this stage, we were so impressed with the service, professionalism, promptness and passion Mick holds, our decision to then contract GHA for the build itself was a ‘no-brainer’. Within a matter of weeks Mick and his team had finalised the planning and Development Application process, and construction commenced.

Needless to say the house has now been completed and we could not be happier. The home is just as we had expected and more.

We were very surprised to find that our energy consumption and in fact reduced despite our home now being two and half times the size of our previous home. Having access to both Mick Fabar and Green Homes Australia’s expertise in relation to positioning of living areas, windows, selection of appropriate glass, insulation and other building materials will prove to be invaluable into the future.

Being in a profession were I deal with building contractors on a daily basis, I consider I am in a position to testify that Mick Fabar and Green Homes Australia is easily the most professional, knowledgeable and passionate business I have had dealings with. We would go as far as claiming they are the most professional business, in any field, we have dealt with.

It is with great pleasure, and without any hesitation, we recommend Mick Fabar and Green Homes Australia, and would be happy to discuss our experience with any prospective customer.