Ashley Bland

For over 30 years Skillset has supported Australian businesses with staff and training needs. We’ve closely observed trends that shape the residential housing sector and we know that sustainable building is not just a moral choice, but a commercial necessity. Businesses that can quickly develop a reputation for knowing how to build the homes that consumers are increasingly wanting, stand to benefit from being on the crest of the wave. Skillset’s goal is to help them get there and stay there.

For many of us our home is the single biggest investment in our lives. Unfortunately for many unwary consumers, it has also become an unwelcome large financial burden as energy prices soar and poorly designed homes require high inputs to be comfortable. Most of the homes built today will be regarded as poor homes by future investors.

Skillset has been working with Green Homes Australia to both educate consumers and up-skill the building trade, creating better homes for people and a smart, viable industry for the future.

The Green Builders represent the elite in the Green Construction field, and we are proud to be a partner to them.