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By becoming a Green Homes Builder, you become a part of something bigger. A part of a group focused on helping you grow your business and cement your success. Energy Efficient homes are in high demand, and we have a line of people waiting to build with you!

With a 79% increase in leads and opportunities in the last 12 months, it is clear that energy efficient homes are the future.

Why continue building the same home as every other builder? Why not build a home that will improve the lives of your customers!

As a part of our group, our online systems and support - combined with our exclusively ISO compliant training, you can build something so different, you will become an industry leader.

By becoming a Green Homes Builder, you become a part of something bigger. A part of a group focused on helping you grow your business and cement your success. Energy Efficient homes are in high demand, and we have a line of people waiting to build with you! With a 79% increase in leads and opportunities in the last 12 months, it is clear that energy efficient homes are the future.


Looking to Grow Your Business?

If you are a builder that wants to be a better builder, wants to work on better quality projects and are looking to create a sustainable and reliable business for you and your family talk to Green Homes Australia today about how we can help you secure your future. We have clients lined up waiting for Builders to open.

Be the first builder in your area to secure this market advantage and deliver this service.

We have developed a turn key business solution for your step into the green market.


Want More Profit

Benefits of Joining the Green Homes Brand

A Brand - That Stands Out

Green Homes is an established brand in the building industry and is becoming more well-known every day and we’re the industry leader in building energy-efficient homes.

In-demand Homes

More and more customers are looking to build Green. Our enquiry rate grew by 87% in 2018. Customers are waiting to build in your area.

Build Better Homes

You will exclusively be able to build energy-efficient homes that are internationally accredited. Making them the best in your territory.

Increase Your Leads

Marketing support that will bring in leads instantly and consistently when you become a Green Builder. You’ll talk to more people than you have before.

Systems and Support

We’re experienced builders ourselves so we know what you need to run a successful building business and we have the tools available for you to access.


Green Homes offers builders and business mentoring from industry leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have a Builders licence?
  2. Are you passionate about Building Better Homes?
  3. Are you passionate about helping your clients live in a healthy, low toxicity & sustainable home?
  4. Are you passionate about growing your business?
  5. Are you passionate about the environment and the need for efficient home solutions?

The up-front cost depends on the territory you are looking to purchase. This initial investment is all-inclusive and you will receive exclusive territory rights, a launch marketing fund, exclusive green building, and sales training courses plus access to our large existing design suite and custom design team. Franchise Opportunities starting from $25,000 (ex. GST)*

Full Purchase price paid by the candidate. Approved candidates pays for territory in full.


Green Homes has a finance partner available who is willing to finance the business. Approved Franchise Candidate, applies for funding with the nominated Green Homes Business Broker.

Display Home Build. Partner with Green Homes and build a display home as your purchase agreement for territory rights. No money after legal costs – $10,000

Approved Candidates build a display before launching in a new territory. Green Homes partner as a share holder and fees are paid upon sale of the home at a time agreed. Effectively the territory could cost you very little.

If you are a successful existing builder doing in excess of $3 million turnover, you can apply for a trade-in option which will allow you to secure a territory for no money down after legal costs – $10,000.

This is entirely up to you and could take anywhere between a month to six months. All you require in the start up phase is a late model white coloured vehicle, phone and builders licence. We will help and advise you in growing your business, hiring staff and opening an office.

All we require for you to start your Green Homes Australia Franchise is a builders license and a bookkeeper. We have an internal sales team on hand to assist you until you’re ready to hire your own Salesperson and an estimating team on hand to help you with estimating and quoting your first projects.

We understand that it takes a little while to find your feet upon joining Green Homes Australia, and when the time comes to source a location for a display office or display home, we’ll be able to assist you in finding the best spot in your territory.

We currently have over 80 energy efficient home designs on hand for your customers to choose from and we also offer a custom design service, which has proved to be extremely popular. Our clients are also able to bring their own designs for quoting and construction and we can have the expertise to make their home as energy efficient as possible.

We understand that you may have a number of pre-existing projects underway prior to joining Green Homes Australia and on joining we’ll ask you to provide an exempt works list, excluding these projects from GHA fees.

For the best chance of successfully launching GHA in your area, we advise that you be prepared to work on your business full time. This will help you grow your business and learn the GHA Systems much faster and utilize them to their full potential.

Green homes Australia offers exclusive training courses that only GHA builders are able to undertake. We have an extensive four-day training program that provides you with all the information and tools you need to start your journey as a GHA builder, however, the training does not stop there. Included in your initial investment are a month Sales and Leadership Course that focuses strongly on the skills needed to move and grow your business to it’s fullest potential.

Whether you’re a new and emerging builder trying to break into the market, an established builder finding it difficult to transition into new homes, or a builder looking to be part of your community and build better homes, we want you! All you need is a builder’s licence, some experience and a drive to grow a successful and financially healthy business.

On joining Green Homes Australia you will receive an exclusive territory, no other GHA builder can build in your territory and any inquiries received are immediately passed on to you.

If you don’t have a builders license you would be required to partner with a licensed builder and they would have to undergo interviewing by the GHA Head Office prior to employment to ensure they are the best fit for your business.

Each prospective builder goes through an approval process prior to joining GHA as a franchisee. This process begins with an introduction to GH and the tools, systems, and training we offer our franchisees. Following this, we ask that you complete an application form and consider a face to face meeting with the team at the GHA Head Office prior to signing contracts.

As a GHA franchisee you will pay a 4% Royalty Fee and a 1% Marketing Fee based on the total value of contracts signed. We do not charge a monthly fee, and payments only begin when you begin invoicing clients.

Green Home Australia is one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia and we can offer you everything the others can and more. We have proven systems and support in Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Building Operations and Business Growth, however, what the others can’t offer you is the opportunity to stay ahead of the pack by offering the most in-demand product in the building industry today – energy efficient homes.

By joining Green Homes Australia you become part of a select group of builders both in Australia and internationally to become specialized and have the exclusive right to build internationally certified energy efficient homes.

We give you all the tools you need to grow and build a financially successful business and have established key partner and supplier relationships to ensure you get better than competitive pricing. Our team at the GHA Head Office are on hand to help you ensure you are running a profitable business and we have builders operating under the GHA banner that are averaging between 20 and 30% profit on each home.

Turbo-charge your business with industry leading homes and systems designed to ensure you’re always ahead of your competitors.

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