Aussies on the Move: Why are we moving out of our way?

Aussies on the Move

With affordability front and centre of so many home buying decisions, Stockland found that purchasers were willing to look much further than their own neighbourhood with 36 per cent of those surveyed considering a move interstate, and 44 per cent of NSW respondents prepared to cross borders for their dream home.

The main reasons buyers gave for the potential interstate move was; a better lifestyle (57 per cent), better job opportunities (42 per cent) and to buy the home they want for less (32 per cent).

“The way in which Australians want to live will continue to evolve in 2020 and beyond with many considering that interstate move now more than ever, and an increased demand for features that encourage personal connectivity to communities and improved health and wellbeing,” Ms Vavin said.

A clear buying conscience

It will be also a decade of more environmental reflection. Stockland’s feedback showed that sustainability features in the home will become “the norm” rather “add ons” as 54 per cent of the survey respondents said sustainable and environmental home features are now more important to them, than they were 10 years ago.

“The costs of many features such as LED lighting and solar panels are also much more affordable today and buyers now understand the long terms cost benefits of these features for future energy savings to them and the broader benefits to the environment,” Ms Vanin said.

Mr McGrath pointed out in his report that the downsized homes of the future will play into this environmental consciousness.

“The smaller home will meet people’s growing desire to cut their environmental footprint. Bigger homes wipe out the benefits of more energy efficient dwellings. Cutting the size of a house by five to 10 per cent makes it easier to move to zero net energy – a household with no ongoing energy costs,” he said.

Originally posted as Affordable and simpler downsized houses is what modern homeowners in the future” on, February 19, 2020. Please see original Author’s Bio Below – Author Website

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